Our worship service is a time set apart to worship and hear from God’s Word.

Worship Leaders

Worship Leaders

Worship is led by Don and Beth Crossland, with a worship team, and the music can be described as ‘contemporary’.  The purpose of this time is to lift God up in praise, to express our love, gratitude and thankfulness to him for all he has done for us. When we focus on the Lord, we remove our eyes from our own problems, and we end up being encouraged in the process.

We have a greeting time, to meet newcomers, and offer ecouragement to others.   A weekly offering provides an opportunity to give to the Lord, and show our trust in Him providing our needs.   Young children are dismissed at this time to Childrens Church.

The message (or sermon) is the focus of  our worship service.  Our Senior Pastor Earle (or occasional guest speaker)  shares a relevant message from the Bible.   God gave us the Bible so we may know him, and know what he expects of us, so we may live fruitful, productive lives pleasing to our Creator.  Once a month we observe communion, and remember Jesus’ death and resurrection.

We also have times of prayer for the sick (we believe the Lord heals in response to prayer offered in faith), words of prophecy, and messages in tongues, as the Spirit of God leads and directs.

Hopefully, this gives a flavor of what to expect.  We’d love to see you!